The Lumina is the world’s original painless clipper that’s the worry-free way to precisely and gently clip the nails of your dog. Your animal is most comfortable with you, so now you can confidently clip their nails in your own home without causing them pain. No more bad experiences and anxious behavior when you clip their nails.

Until now it’s been difficult attempting to hold a clipper, a separate light source, and your pet’s paw all at once. Lumina integrates the same type of high-intensity light that veterinarians use to precisely see and avoid the sensitive “quick” inside the nail. The built-in light makes this delicate job easily manageable for one person, and it will shine through white, gray, and most solid black nails, depending on density. It also makes it easy to monitor nail growth every couple of weeks so that damaged overgrown nails can be avoided, along with the wear and tear they cause to your home.

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